Potting Up Bench

Wouldn’t it be nice to get our house messy instead of yours? And wouldn’t it be nice to have the opportunity to wander around the greenhouse and choose plants for your containers as you plant them, instead of taking it all home, then wondering what in the world you had in mind while you were shopping?

For a measly $15 (including dessert) per person, you can use our Potting Up Bench to do your planting. Enjoy choosing a generous variety of plants so that you have plenty of options as you design your containers. We will put away whatever you don’t use. And staff is available to answer questions about exposure and growth habit.

If it is too early to take your containers home with you, we will keep them here for you. A holding fee does apply.

If you bring your own containers, please be sure you have removed all the old soil. It makes a great addition to your flower beds!

*Please call to reserve the Potting Up Bench. 701-756-6072*

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