Get your hands dirty (Planting classes)

Mini Herb GardensApril 21, 6 pm

Create your one of a kind herb pot! Pick herbs that you enjoy to plant in your planter that we will provide for you. Don’t know what you like? We will help you decide what’s best for your needs! And remember, functional can still be pretty! A light meal will be provided by The Prairie Bistro.

$45 plus tax

Click here to sign up online or call 701-756-6072

Container Workshop April 25, 10 am

Our container workshops are a great chance to get a head start on your patio planters and hanging baskets. You bring your own clean, empty container (or purchase one from us) and we provide one bag of potting soil, timed release fertilizer and care of your container until it warms up. We will help you design and plant your planter, if you want our help! Each guest pays for the plants used to fill your container and any additional potting soil. Containers should be 12 inches or larger.

You are welcome to plant more than one container. Extra holding charges apply to each container.

$40 plus tax

Click here to sign up online or call 701-756-6072

Dirty DiningApril 18, 19, 24, 25

Eat, drink, plant, get dirty!
The perfect way to get a head start on Spring. We will make sure your containers are big and beautiful to start the season off right! We will provide a short lesson on container basics and then you can choose to have as much or as little guidance planting as you prefer! All levels of gardening knowledge are welcome. We will keep your planter(s) here in our greenhouses to give them the perfect jump start! A spectacular meal will be served by the Prairie Bistro. Please feel free to bring your own adult beverages to enjoy during your meal and while planting.

$80 plus tax

Click here to sign up online or call 701-756-6072

8 thoughts on “Get your hands dirty (Planting classes)

  1. I have 4 containers to fill would I do one at your work shop then you do the rest? You did 2 for me last year. They are all very large!

  2. Hoping to get our name down for the planter play date for kids.

    Samantha Casavant-3 yrs
    Jennifer Casavant- mom;)

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