Our Promise to You

The Flower House Garden Center is ‘Not your Ordinary Garden Center!’

1. We promise you a relaxing, pleasant experience, whether you are just getting away from your every day grind or shopping for your outdoor living area.

2. We promise you a good variety of healthy, vigorous plants. We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t buy!

3. We promise you friendly, knowledgeable staff. If we don’t have an answer, we will do our best to find it!

4. We promise you that what you buy from us is what we say it is. If the tag says it is a particular variety and it turns out it isn’t, we will replace it or give you store credit.

5. We promise you that our plants are healthy when you purchase them. If you get them home and find a problem, let us know immediately. If we can fix it, we will. If not, we will replace it or give you store credit.

6. No one is perfect. 🙂 If something goes wrong let us know as soon as possible! The sooner a problem is addressed, the better the chance a plant can be saved.

7. We do not guarantee that Mother Nature will be kind to your garden or ours.


2 thoughts on “Our Promise to You

    1. We have just a couple ligularia and we have Paris Heucera, which is green and white! There are an assortment of Lilacs. Little Lady is a dwarf and we also have Charles Joly and Sensation. The later 2 are more purple, but Little Lady is pink. Thanks for asking! if you would like, we can hold what you want as our numbers are small.

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