Plant-Sitting Program

Baby, it’s still cold outside! If you purchase plants early and there is still a threat of frost, please DO NOT keep your plants in the house! Even a sunny window does not provide enough light for outdoor plants. The best way to handle frost sensitive plants is to keep them outside during the day (as long as it is above freezing) and bring them in at night. Wagons work great for this.

If all this back and forth does not fit into your schedule, we will babysit!

Finished hanging baskets, planters, perennials, shrubs and larger annuals (5 1/4 inch or larger) are held free of charge.

Hanging baskets and planters planted at the Potting Up Bench or extras from classes are $10 per hanging basket and $10 per planter.

We can fit seven or eight  4 1/2 inch plants (like geraniums, spikes, grasses, etc) in a flat, spread so they have room to breath. These need to be plants with similar care requirements. $7 per flat.

Annuals and veggies in packs are also $7 per flat. Six regular packs or four large packs per flat.

Plants of different types that are held together are difficult for us to water properly. We make no guarantees on the condition of these plants if they are held for more than a few days.

This holding policy applies until Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. Special arrangement must be made for plants held longer than Memorial Day weekend. Plants must be paid for in advance.


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